Now Available: A Guide from a Caring Friend


Now Available: A Guide from a Caring Friend

A few weeks ago, I spent the afternoon with two of my nieces and my sister. My oldest niece lives in an area of a Chicago suburb that includes lots of fun shops. As we browsed through a gift store, I happened upon a book for moms to give their daughters. The title was something like, "Words of Wisdom from a Mom to her Daughter."

OHHHH!! I thought. Wouldn't it be great for family caregivers to have a similar book, which features their tips and lessons learned, to give to a friend new to caregiving.

So, I created one for you. A Caregiving Survival Guide from a Caring Friend is now available for purchase in our store. You can purchase the print publication ($12.97) or the eBook (a downloadable PDF which costs $3.97).

In A Caregiving Survival Guide, you share your best suggestions, tips and resources with a friend, colleague or family member who is new to a caregiving role. You pass along your wisdom, your lessons learned and your best solutions to help a friend caring for a family member with a chronic illness.

The eBook, available as a PDF, provides flexibility so you can share your best tips in very personal way. Print out each page and organize into a binder for your friend or simply add your tips to the PDF and email to your friend.

With the print version, you can share your advice through your written word, through photos, through printed pages you paste onto the guide's blank pages.

With either the eBook or the print book, you can create a journal, a scrap book, a detailed record. The simple book gives your wisdom center stage.

The guide prompts you to share your suggestions for your friend about:

  • Activity ideas

  • Advocating

  • Taking breaks

  • Finding comfort

  • Working with family

  • Understanding forgiveness

  • Getting help

  • Managing hospitalizations

  • Organizing paperwork and schedules

  • Providing personal care

  • Asking the best questions

  • Stocking the right supplies

You’ll also share inspirations, resources and wishes to help keep your friend going.

With the information you share in A Caregiving Survival Guide, your friend will be armed to manage whatever comes in a caregiving day. A Caregiving Survival Guide is a great gift for anyone–a friend, support group member or colleague–just beginning a caregiving journey. Your thoughtfulness will start their caregiving journey on the right foot.

You can purchase the print book here and the eBook here. You also can buy in bulk (20 copies) so you're ready when a friend needs your wisdom here.

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