Now Available: After the Diagnosis, a free eBook


Now Available: After the Diagnosis, a free eBook

After_the_Diagnosis_CoverIn February, @G-J sent me an email full of ideas, including the Who We Are book and the Caree Volunteer Program.

Today, I'm happy to share the manifestation of another idea G-J shared in that one email: After the Diagnosis, a free eBook. In this eBook, G-J, Heather Slutzky and I share tips and suggestions and resources to help after a family member receives a diagnosis. You can download your free copy here.

You'll know Heather from her two appearances on Your Caregiving Journey and from her contribution to our Comedy book from our CareGifters book series. Both Heather and G-J share their caregiving stories and their coping strategies for managing what happens after a diagnosis. The eBook contains tips on how to manage the emotions, figure out the hospital culture and get organized.

We want our eBook to help a new family caregiver get started with support and information. And, because it's only a start, our eBook also shares solutions to keep going, including a new group on our site called After the Diagnosis. You can join that group by visiting here.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 133 million Americans--almost 1 out of every 2 adults--had at least one chronic illness in 2005. Behind every diagnosis and caree is a family caregiver. We hope our eBook reminds that family caregiver that he or she has support in us.

Please feel free to share about "After the Diagnosis" on Facebook and Twitter--you never who you'll help.

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FanTAStic book!\r\nMy first thought was that <i>this</i> is the kind of thing that needed to go into that <i>USA Today</i> supplement. But that would have left no room for all the half-page ads. :-)