Now Available: Our Loss Book


Now Available: Our Loss Book

Loss_CoverEvery time we release a book in our CareGifters book series, I think: Okay, this one is my favorite.

Until the next one comes out.

And, today, our Loss book is available and it really and truly is a favorite. In Loss, our eighth book in our CareGifters Book Series, we tackle the tough subject of loss. Seventeen family caregivers write about losses—their losses, their carees' losses.

As our authors share their losses, they don't sugar coat the grief and pain of a loss. Losing what you love hurts.

And, yet, they write, Am I really the loser?

Our book about loss is also a way for us to fund our CareGifters program, which helps during a time of loss. The proceeds of the sale of Loss go directly into our CareGifters fund. As often as we can, we send $500 to help a family caregiver in need. We know receiving $500 lifts the spirit of a family caregiver and reminds them that all hope is not lost.

Thanks so much to Trish (@trish) who works tirelessly to create these amazing books. We are sooo grateful,Trish, that you make turn an idea into a beautiful book.

You can purchase the full-color print version of Loss, which costs $24. You can purchase our eBook version of Loss, available for immediate download, for $5.

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Chris MacLellan

After my long drive back to Florida from our weekend reunion in STL, it was GREAT to see this book. So many great essays, so many great people, so honored to be apart of it all!