Now Open: Our Marketplace


Now Open: Our Marketplace

welcome-305504_640Twice a year, we hold a garage sale so that you get rid of what you no longer need and get what you need at a good deal. (Our next Caregiving Garage Sale is November 22, 2014.)

Now, we've got a MarketPlace in our groups so that throughout the year you can sell or donate the books, DVDs, equipment, gadgets and devices to other members. In addition, you can buy or receive what you need from another member.

It's simple to use the MarketPlace:

A few tips for you if you plan to sell or donate an item:

1. When listing a product or equipment, include a few tips on how to use the product. For example, share another use for the equipment that you found or an easy way to make it work. Your knowledge is an added bonus for the buyer.

2. You can charge whatever you’d like for an item so be sure to include your price in the listing. If you’re donating the product or service to a buyer, you can still charge for the cost to ship.

3. And, speaking of shipping, be sure to charge appropriately for shipping. You can get cost estimates at the post office website.

4. If an item must be picked up (i.e., it’s too big to ship) be sure to include the area where you live so the buyer knows if it’s convenient for them to pick up the item.

5. You’ll want to work out a payment agreement with your buyer. You can ask them to send you a check; once you receive payment, you ship the item. Or, you can ask them to send you payment through PayPal.

Join our MarketPlace group.

(You must be a member to use our MarketPlace. Not a member? Create your free account.)

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This is an awesome service, Denise. Thanks!