Now This REALLY Pisses Me Off


Now This REALLY Pisses Me Off

So apparently I am not going to be able to have friends drop by.

A friend stopped by to chat and Mom threw a fit. As we were talking she kept getting more and more agitated. We were not very loud but she kept gesturing at the TV as if she couldn't hear it. So we went out on the porch but she continued to glare and fuss and carry on until my friend left. Then suddenly all is well.

This is not an unknown person who came by.

I am so angry right now I can't see straight. This situation is bad enough but now she's going to pitch a fit when people come by to offer support!?

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How frustrating! Hang in there! <3


I hear you loud and clear. It is frustrating and embarrassing to have adults who act like little children in our lives. Because I am learning ways to handle moments like yours I am certain you will also. It is one step forward and two steps back with me but I am learning when I need to set a boundary and how to do it. Oh yeah, there is no law that says the other person has to like it. :)