Now Where Is My Raincoat?


Now Where Is My Raincoat?

rainI just want to whine today. I want to vent. I want to jump up and down and say: “It’s not FAY-ER!”

It’s rainy and muggy, the beautiful cool, dry day of yesterday has left us with the anticipation of hot and humid by tomorrow. I’m going to get wet at the recycling center, yuck. Every movement is a painful effort for Mom today, not to mention the game we are playing this week: laxative vs. no laxative. The carpenter the painting company sent has been pounding on the house for two days. The first day to do the job wrong, the second day, after calling the field supervisor, better - but still not great. (Can you call it supervising if you show up, tell someone what to do, and never come back to check?) If the carpenter is lousy, what does that bode for the paint job? Hubby hardly slept last night so he is in a crappy mood, not enhanced by needing to check on the carpenter’s work. Between his restlessness and listening to Mom’s walker rattling on the bathroom floor during the night, I’m running on empty!

At least the cat and the bird aren’t squalking!

There, I said it. I vented. Time to get on with the day. Now where is my raincoat?

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Casandra Porter

Venting is good. I love my best friend for it. She let's me vent, complain, whine, cry and be a mess. \r\n\r\nI have been praying for rain. I moved from sunny, dry, desert Arizona to Bay Area, California and it has been raining back home for two weeks straight (which is a very rare oddity) and we haven't had one drop where I am. I happen to love stormy days. Rain helps me sleep better and boy, do I need some sleep.


Hi TDM--I totally understand!! Vent and whine and kick and scream. :) We all have days when we just want to storm. \r\n\r\nGood thing we have raincoats.