Caregiving Happiness Project: Nurture


Caregiving Happiness Project: Nurture

We begin our next month in our Caregiving Happiness Project today!

Our action for this month is Nurture.

We do so much for so many. This month, let's follow Mother Nature's lead and spend time nurturing our own well-being. Perhaps we nurture our soul with daily quiet time to connect with our inner wisdom. Maybe we nurture our future by learning a new skill or taking on a new project. Maybe we nurture our body by making better food choices. Perhaps we nurture our spirit by writing in our journal or spending time in prayer.

This month, we focus on taking time to take care of our own needs.

This month, how will you nurture?

Happiness Project Members: Tell us what you’ll grow in our Forum.

(If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our Caregiving Happiness Project by taking a simple survey.)

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I will nurture my body by taking time to prepare the food I need and I will nurture my spirit by completing my book