NYC Tri-State Area Sandwich Generation Caregivers Needed for Documentary


NYC Tri-State Area Sandwich Generation Caregivers Needed for Documentary

video-163893_640I received a last minute call for individuals caring for aging family member while raising kids to participate in a documentary. The details follow:

Vitamin Enriched, a real people casting company in NYC, is working on a documentary project that will profile Caregivers. We’re looking for stories from the “Sandwich Generation”. The ideal family will have three generations (parent/child/grandparent) all living in one household, but we are open to other caregiving situations.

The documentary project will feature the compelling stories of the everyday caregivers who are managing their own lives while caring for someone who once cared for them. Whether you’re single moms, single dads, partners in gay families or traditional married couples, we want to hear from you.

If selected for the documentary, each family member will be paid $1,000 total for a 2 day shoot. The intention is to tell the story from the perspective of 3 family members.

Initial interviews will take place via Skype either
Oct. 09th or 10th 2014

Callback interviews will take place either
Oct. 12th or 13th either via Skype or a home-visit.

Shoot dates will take place between
Oct. 16th – Oct. 21st 2014
You will not be needed for every date listed.

Please answer the questions below & email us at

Please send recent photos of you & your family

Contact & General information:
· Your full name (first & last)
· Cell phone number & email address
· What do you do for a living?
· Which city, state do you currently live in?
· Do you live in a house/apartment?
· You must be local to the NYC tri-state area to be considered for this project.

Tell us your story of Caregiving:
· Tell us a little about yourself? (Who are you? What are you like? What do you do? )
· Tell us a little about your family? (How many are you? Name, ages, makeup of family? School? Work? What do you like to do together?)
· Who are you a caregiver for? (Tell us who they are to you? What’s this person like? When did you start caring for them and what are their needs?)
· What’s the day-day like for you?
· Why do you do it?
· What brings you the most joy in life?

You''ll also find details on the Vitamin Enriched Films website.

Good luck!!

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