Oh, Denise Can Do That


Oh, Denise Can Do That

ocean-692178_640Helping my parents means keeping their day running smoothly--whether it be fixing a computer or a cell phone, getting them to family functions and activities, resolving a worry or a fret (they worry and fret a lot).

My siblings get involved for the doctors' appointments, the holidays and the big events (like the surgeries). Each day, though, I do my best to ensure the boat stays afloat.

On Saturday, my mom spoke with my brother on the phone. He updated her on the goings-on with his children, including my nephew who plays baseball on his high school team. My nephew does well so is often mentioned in his local paper. My brother must have mentioned that my nephew had another mention in the paper because I could hear my mom say, "Oh, I'll have Denise look up the article and send me the link."

This morning, I woke up feeling like a doormat. I feel as if my choices slowly but surely get lost at sea. I do more and more. And, today, I see that others can do more, too. I don't have to be the one.

So, I made a decision--not a big one but one that makes me feel better. Going forward, my siblings will send my parents emails to links about their childrens' successes. It seems like such a small thing. But, if I can avoid my parents volunteering me for one more task, I will feel like I'm riding the waves rather than getting swept away with them.

I don't have to be the only one who receives the orders. I'm choosing to be a delegator, too.

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Hurray for you! This is a very big step. And it will definite help clarify that boundary with your siblings. They'll get the point, to one degree or the other, whether they let you know or not. You deserve to celebrate this important step.


Good for you! :-)


You're an inspiration! :)


Those little things add-up. Often we don't realize it until we're completely overwhelmed. Good for you! And thank you for sharing your experience, it's reminded me to be more mindful... to pay attention to my own red flags. \r\n\r\nHave a lovely day!\r\n-krista


I can totally relate to this! This is how I felt when my Grandfather was alive and me being the kind of person that I am just went ahead & did everything. I'm glad I was hep to help like I did but it did get old. Once again you are a hero to me & love how you handled this!\r\nHugs!\r\nMaria

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