Oh the Joys....


Oh the Joys....

daffodil-94357_640What do you do when you, the caregiver, have fallen ill?

Yesterday as I was getting ready to run some errands, I happened to lean over the computer to watch a cute video and I laughed and next thing I know I was on my knees in excruciating pain. I had, once again, thrown my back out. When my back went out, so did both of my hips. When all three go out all at once, I am unable to get them back in by myself.

I was able to crawl to my phone so I could let Mom know that I had hurt myself. I laid on the floor for a long time until I decided I needed to gather my things and crawl out to the couch. I put everything into my laundry basket and called Mom - she was able to transfer into her power chair and she came to the rescue. We got the laundry basket on her lap and she drove out to the couch.

I wanted to be out there in case she needed anything, I didn't have to crawl the length of the house.

I feel so badly not being able to care for Mom properly, and she feels badly not being able to take care of her daughter! We are both thanking the Lord for the power chair. I can crawl to her room and get in it and scoot all around the house and get my chores complete.

I called my neighbor today and asked her to take me to my chiropractor.  She is so good to me and agreed to take me and then come and pick me up. My chiropractor was able to get my back and both hips back into place so I can walk a bit now between the severe spasms. I am not upright but at least my legs don't give out on me!

I have to cancel my day off once again on the 1st. I was going to go to a craft fair to see if I can sell my knit/crocheted/loomed items but there is NO way I can haul 200 pounds of supplies and tables and then sit there all day long with my back still out of sorts.

Oh the joys....

So what do you do when you fall ill?

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