Oh the Shock!


Oh the Shock!

workstation-405768_640Hi everyone, I know -- I haven't blogged in a good while, and I haven't been around much.

I started my job last week and ... Oh the SHOCK!!

Let's just say going back into the workforce after being out for seven years and doing only caregiving is a shock to the system in so many different ways. First of all, the job is going okay so far. I'm still in training and will be there for four more weeks before I move forward but the trainers seem pleased with me so on I go. The atmosphere, people, everything else seems like a huge dog and pony show compared to when I left. I honestly think some of the people in my class don't have mirrors if they leave their house consciously looking like they do. Unbelievable and no I'm not going there!

Of course, I'm the oldest one in the class. They all call me (or most of them anyway) including the trainers "Miss Lisa" and I feel like I've stepped back in time and teaching children's church again. I've made a few friends, ladies that are more settled than some that only seem to be working to party. I hope I wasn't like that when I was younger.

I also met a young man, Trent. Very professional and he's moved back to the area to help his mom who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. He's also an only child. Let's just say we have a common bond -- caregiving! We've had several conversations about it already and I have made him aware of the site. I am hoping he will join, I think he would be a good asset to our men.

So, a lot of changes going on.

Bekah got a new car, which she's graciously letting me drive since I drive further to work than she does. I haven't had time or the energy to move forward with my room makeover yet but hopefully next weekend will go better than this one. Today Coco has set in my lap for a good portion of the day. I guess she missed Mommy. I missed her too. She's had to be here alone a lot lately. I'm also still trying to back peddle and get caught up with school. I'll get there, but it's a struggle. In fact when I finish this blog I'm back to it, as well as tomorrow.

Oh and there's registering for next semester. I'm only going to take one class though, and will probably do that until I finish. I only have three left (I hope). So, tune in further for more mishaps from the work force. A three-ring circus ain't got nothin' on me. I miss you all and love you dearly!

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Thank you so much for the update I too will be going back to the workforce after seven years of caregiving, that is once I find a job. :)

Lillie Fuller

Thank you for updating us. Been thinking about you! You'll be up to old pro status in no time! Don't forget to take time for yourself!!