On a Quest


On a Quest

Teresa and DeanI'm rather frustrated with Dean's exercise regimen. Not with the fact that he has one, and for once, it's one that is actually getting results. But with the fact that it has been interrupted and may even be halted altogether. Yes, red tape is strangling us once again. And I'm not a happy caregiver.

I have "lobbied" for Dean to get help with his exercise program, which has been heretofore nonexistent. We finally got him into pool therapy at a rehabilitation hospital, where he got one-on-one contact with a therapist who walked him through his water exercises each time. But the funding for that halted after six weeks, so we continued with a chore provider who would take him for walks a couple of times a week.

Then this provider started helping him with the exercises that a physical therapist from home health left for him, but it was soon obvious that he was not going to do them on his own, or even with my direction. She, the chore provider, began to increase and add to the PT's prescribed regimen, along with her walking. But now she has been informed that these new exercises will have to be approved by a doctor.

I guess it's not so bad as I'm feeling it right now. But what bothers me most is that some health care providers do not understand that Dean is someone with "invisible" limitations. Brain injury and dementia should alert anyone that he is someone who will need increased supervision and guidance in an exercise program. We've been through this before when he fractured his foot and would NOT use a walker.

If he were in a long-term care facility right now, I'm sure he would qualify for ongoing, closely-supervised physical therapy. Or at least I would hope so. So why can't we get that in our home? They come three times a week to our home to give him a bath. Why can't a physical therapist come three times a week to provide him with some exercise at home?

The exercise is of added importance to someone like Dean, who is on medications that cause weight gain, and consequently heart problems, etc. Besides, he needs to keep his strength up for me to be able to take care of him at home. So, I will not give up in our quest for help in this area. Red tape, green tape, or purple, I will navigate them all to make this possibility a reality. I am on a quest...

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Hi, Teresa -- How frustrating. I hope you can get it resolved next week and that Dean gets the exercise help he needs. Kudos to you for persevering through all the bureaucratic crap.\r\n\r\nGreat picture! :-)


Hi Teresa--I love the picture. :)\r\n\r\nDoes Dean have Medicare? And, did Medicare deny PT at home? If so, you can appeal the decision. An organization called Center for Medicare Advocacy has self-help packets to help you appeal a Medicare denial: http://www.medicareadvocacy.org/take-action/self-help-packets-for-medicare-appeals/ \r\n\r\nI'm hoping this will help. (fingers crossed)