On Friday, Invite Others to Join Us for a Chance to Win $100

smiley-432567_640I think we have a really unique community that makes a difference in the lives of our members.

Which is why I'd love for us to increase our membership.

And, who better to help do that than you? So, on Friday, November 14, take a moment to invite others to join us on Caregiving.com. Post your invite on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn. If you aren't on social media, please feel free to share our Caregiving.com flyer in your local coffee house, in your office, at your church, at the doctor's office.

After you spread your message, come back to Caregiving.com and tell us what you did. You'll then be entered into a chance to win $100. To be eligible to win, you must be currently caring for a family member or friend, share about Caregiving.com on social media or in your community, and then tell us about it on Friday in our comments section on a post I'll publish on Friday morning.

When you share about us on social media, you could say:

I care for my (fill in the blank). I get great support on Caregiving.com. Come join us! It's free to create your account.

I care for my (fill in the blank) and blog about it on Caregiving.com. We'd love to read your story. Create your free account and start blogging, too.

Caregiving can be such a lonely experience. I joined a great community called Caregiving.com--I'm now surrounded by support.

I've been a member of Caregiving.com since (enter the year) and love the support and camaraderie. We'd love you to join us!

I'll include more tools for you on Friday morning. I wanted to give you a heads-up today so you're ready to pound the pavement on Friday.

Look for the my post on Friday with the headline, "Today: Invite Others to Join Us for a Chance to Win $100." Again, you must be currently caring for a family member or friend to be eligible to win.

We'll do this again on November 21--and give away another $100. Be sure to check out all our November contests and events.

Thanks so much!!

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