On the Road -- Alone and on My Own -- and Loving It!


On the Road -- Alone and on My Own -- and Loving It!

I have been on the road to a new life for three weeks now. The time at Reno over the Easter week was great. A lot of things are clearing up for me.

My sleeping pattern is almost normal. With that also comes progress in my grieving and letting go of my old life. I am not running away, I am moving positively towards making the necessary changes from Husband to Widower to Don.

I have had a chance to think about what I would value in a new place to live, and the way I should go about developing a new lifestyle.

My spiritual quest is moving slowly forward with lots of time to think and with the reconnection with the Buddhist and AA ideals as they are relevant to me now. I am no longer in a survival mode, but in a period of growth and change.

I have noticed that my music preference has changed to soft Jazz, and my thinking has been dominated with philosophical concepts rather than immediate needs. I have time to rest, to think before I have to react, to enjoy so many things at leisure.

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I am so so happy for you, Don. I'm happy with you as you wake up inside, finding the places that were hidden with new joys. Thanks for sharing with us.