On the Third Saturday, Wear Green and Walk


On the Third Saturday, Wear Green and Walk

sports-shoes-115149_640As you know, we're wearing green to be seen on the third Saturday of every month. We're wearing green to:

  • Help you start a conversation about your caregiving experience.

  • Connect you with other family caregivers.

  • Help you share support with other family caregivers.

  • Lessen the loneliness of the caregiving experience.

This weekend, I realized that we can do more than just wear green on the third Saturday. We can organize monthly walks in our communities for those who care for a family member or friend. We'll connect while we walk.

Any member of Caregiving.com can organize a "Walking Green" event. Decide on a time and a place to meet in your community on the third Saturday. Then, create a group (like I did) called "Walking Green: (Insert Your City and State)." Next, create an event for your group with details about your monthly walk. (And, if you'd like to schedule walks more often than monthly, go for it!). To create an event, hover over "Howdy (your user name)" and a drop down menu appears. Hover over "Events" an then click on "My Events." Click "Add New" to create your event.

After you create your group and schedule your Walking Green event, I'll help you spread the word so that other family caregivers in your community can learn of your event. Our goal is to have a monthly event and, eventually, a larger annual event for family caregivers in your communities. We want tomake it easier for you to connect with others in a similar situation both online and in your neighborhood.

Not a member of Caregiving.com? Create your free Caregiving.com account and join us.

Purchase a "I'm a Family Caregiver, What's Your Superpower?" t-shirt, below, to wear on the third Saturday.

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I love this idea, Denise!