On To Day 4!


On To Day 4!

four-146656_640And it is a doozy!

A lot more pain (9 out of 10 pain) and now she is having "brain zaps." She says it is the oddest thing but she feels an electric zap starting in her neck and shooting into her brain. It is very painful. I had read about this and had forewarned her but it is really weird LO We can't laugh about them just yet but I am sure we will some day.

Still feels like full body flu along with full body fire, brain zaps, and lots more. She is still sweating lots so I changed her sheets this morning, I powdered the mattress with lavender powder, and then I used a calming febreeze scent to spritz her curtains and make the room very comfy and inviting for her. She can't handle the noise of her O2 machine so we are just using the tanks as they are very quiet.

She is extremely weak and not wanting to drink. I keep coming in and encouraging her to sip,

;when she says she doesn't want to, I remind her that with the sweating we don't want her to become dehydrated and carted off the to the hospital. She then will drink for me. She isn't interested in food so I am making her nutrition packed smoothies and she will readily take them. I am encouraging sleep as much as possible.

We make sure to comb her hair every day, and do her face routine etc. I'm trying to keep things as normal as possible. We just talked numbers again today, I keep telling her by the end of December, this medication will be out of her body. She can do it--just two more weeks. She can do anything for two more weeks with the Lord's help.

From what I have read, detoxing from tramadol is very similar to detoxing from morphine. They are about equal, so that is encouraging.. She has great hope that we will make it through. I told her if she wants to, we can take a week off of detox after she is rid of the tramadol before we take on the morphine. We will revisit this once we are closer.

I also told her that from what I have read, days 3 and 4 are the worst for tramadol and she is half way through day 4!!! I am just praying that we don't have to endure days 3 and 4 each time we cut down the meds. I haven't mentioned that to her yet!

I want to stay really positive and encouraging during this! She doesn't need to be worrying about next week!

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Lillie Fuller

Detox is so hard, I know your mom appreciates everything you are doing for her, even if she's not voicing it.


You're doing a great. It has to be helping your mom SO much to have you by side in this ordeal.


Hi--One day at a time is the very best way to manage. And, when the day seems too much, it's just one morning, one afternoon, one evening at a time.\r\n\r\nYou're doing great!!\r\n\r\nContinue to keep us posted--I look forward to these updates. I feel better knowing how you're doing. :)