On Wednesday, We RAOK


On Wednesday, We RAOK

Let’s spread kindness on December 20.

On Wednesday, let’s perform a random act of kindness (RAOK). An act of kindness could be holding open a door, smiling at someone who really looks like they could use a smile, taking a moment to share a comforting comment on a blog or Facebook post, adding a dollar bill to a Salvation Army donation bucket, helping your favorite charity raise money. A random act of kindness isn’t about how much money you spend but about making a moment a little bit better for someone else.

After you perform your act of kindness, tell us about it in comments section, below. You’ll motivate us and inspire us, especially when your random act is both creative, simple and free.

If you blog on Caregiving.com, please feel free to also blog about your experiences – the impact of a random act of kindness on your day and the impact on your caregiving experience.

Thanks so much for joining us!! Looking forward to reading your RAOKs!

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I was gracious to someone I'm not fond of. :)


Donated to a charity & called a friend.