One Day at a Time

I got my husband's numbers back today from his detox week. The test measures cell and body functions basically. Wayne is still way below normal ranges, but he did make a tad improvement in these numbers. So I suppose that is a good thing. We have not seen any tangible improvements, however. He still has all the issues he ever had. We are barely into the program, however, so we will give it time. He is concentrating on vitamins intake right now. I have no real expectations for this program, but it will not hurt him either.
I am having trouble getting him to go anywhere lately. I think some depression is going on sometimes as well as his not feeling well. I do not want to get sucked into that depression.
Our pastor came awhile this morning to visit. That was both enjoyable and a blessing for both of us.
I know I have to get out as often as I can, and I am trying to do that. I haven't made up my mind yet though if I am going to mid-week prayer meeting in church tonight. I usually find these to be a blessing, but I don't know if I am up to questions like, "How is Wayne doing?" How am I suppose to answer that question anyhow? He has a gradually more and more disabilitating disease. God could heal him, but it would be a miracle. I know people mean well when they ask, and I appreciate the concern. It is a difficult question to answer, however.
Tomorrow I will be gone during the day at a substitute teaching job. I can do this occasionally yet. I don't know what I will do, if and when it gets to the point that I can never leave the apartment. Ask for help I guess. That is not easy thing for me to do, but I know it may become necessary in the future. One day at a time, Sharon. One day at a time.

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