One Last Good-Bye

Last night, Linda Abbit, one of our 2008 Caregiver of the Year award winners, joined us for a conversation on Your Caregiving Journey (see our player, below, to listen).

Linda shared her story, first as a long-distance family caregiver, then as a family caregiver to her mom, who now lives near-by in a board-and-care home. Because of all that she’s learned on her journey, she’s started a blog to help others:

As our discussion progressed, I asked Linda a question I had previously discussed that day with family caregivers during a journaling teleclass: When you leave your mom after your visits, I asked, do you worry that you won’t be with her at the end?

Then, Linda shared a terrific tip: As she’s leaving her mom’s room, she asks herself: Am I happy with how this visit is ending? And, with that question, she allows herself the opportunity to share one more hug, kiss and “I Love You.” Then, she can leave, leaving behind the most serious of any regrets.

Her tip will now become a part of my routine. Before leaving anyone, I will ask myself: “Is this a good ending?” If not, I’ll take a moment to create an ending that brings me comfort and peace.

What a wonderful way to live! Thanks, Linda!

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