One More Time


One More Time

time-731110_640Grandpa came to me in a dream the other day.

He was sitting in his wheelchair at the dinner table. I was a few feet away from him. I said, "I love you." He tried to say "I love you" but it just didn't come out right. I got closer to him and at eye level and again said, "I love you." This time he nodded his head yes. He used to do this to say, "Yes, I hear you and I love you, too."

I gave him a kiss and a hug and said, "I love you" again and this time I saw him say, "I love you." But in the dream I couldn't hear him. At that moment I woke up and I felt so strange. I just knew it was my Grandpa. I had dreamt of him before but it didn't feel like this.

If you've ever lost someone special I'm sure you've said to yourself, "I just want one more moment with them." I kinda got my one more moment but what I wouldn't do for another.

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What a wonderful dream, Yolanda. I hope you do have more.\n


Glad you had your moment, Yolanda, and hope you have many more, to comfort your heart and remind you of all the beautiful moments you shared.

Lillie Fuller

Yolanda, just keep your heart open to it! I believe that was your grandpa. It will happen again. You wait and see! When my kids were younger and playing youth football, it seemed like every time my son had a game I could feel my dad's presence with me, some days it was so strong that I could here him laugh or \"cheer\" for my son! It's an awesome feeling! Just believe!!! :)