One Step Forward, Two Steps Back


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

emergency_room_591We were just starting to get things in order after nine months of Mom living with us.

My nephew came down from Alabama to get her car two weeks ago. It upset her a little but we got through it. This past Wednesday we closed on her house and now have two less things to worry about. She has problems with stuttering when she is anxiety and she can no longer write. Yesterday we were closing accounts that pertain to her house. She had a hard time understanding what I was talking about and how I argue about everything with her. So I now try not to raise my voice and let her do it her until she sees she isn't sure what she is doing and then lets me do.

Last night about 11:30 p.m., she tried to get up with her walker and go to the bathroom and she fell hitting her head and her right leg. So we are now back to square one like we were in April when she fell hitting her left leg and cracked her femur bone.

If she isn't better by tomorrow morning we will call 911 to get her taken by ambulance to take her to the hospital. It's the only way we can get her there. It's too hard for her to travel in the car.

Another day, another worry. I give my husband a bright star for the day and night.

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Janet, thinking of your house this morning as you cope, assess, move forward with decisions and choices. You are moving forward, even though it feels like backward. You are moving forward.


I am thinking of you and praying for you. My situation, of course is not exactly the same, but very, very, similar. My Mom broke or dislocated her hip with each fall and needed surgery (anesthesia) a real nightmare! God Bless!


Oh, gosh, Janet, you are right--two steps backward.\r\n\r\nHow is your mom today?