One Year


One Year

thank-you-944086_640Well, one year ago today I joined

I just want to say how much the people here have helped me in this past year. Their support, compassion and humor have gotten me through it. I might have made it without them but it would've been so much harder.

First they made me realize I was a caregiver and second they understood. No one knows what's like unless they are caregivers.

It didn't matter if your caree had the same illness or not. In some way it was the same in just knowing what the other person was going through. I can't thank each and everyone of you enough for the past year.

I hope and pray that Denise will be able to keep going for however long she is capable of. Thank you, thank you. I encourage anyone who can to donate to Denise so she can keep this website going. I'm sure it has saved us from insanity on days.

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I second that, Kaz!


it's been an honor to share this year with you, Kaz. You've give to us just as much -- your presence in our chat rooms has been such a comfort to me. We're thinking of you today and surrounding you with our thoughts and prayers.