orchid-186453_640In our ordinary life, we may resent those who seem to have the extraordinary life.

We may turn green when we hear that others earn, achieve, move up.

Because, in our ordinary life, we can feel like we stand still.

We can feel like the actor who watches from offstage, the perpetual stand-in, the competitor who challenges the star to perfect his craft, to earn his Oscar. We're just as good as the star but life's circumstances keep us behind, the curtain seeming to hide our talents and gifts from the world.

We may curse this ordinary life, this life which will not win us awards or accolades.

Until we realize our prize lies in the ordinary. Because we live an ordinary life, we participate in extraordinary moments. We care, deeply, for others. We help, with all our heart, others. We support, with great enthusiasm, others. Many times, the others we help are our family members who become our carees. Often times, the others we help are those whose heartache we understand. Sometimes, the others we help are simply strangers we encounter.

Our care, our help, our support are our talents, our gifts. And, our gifts don't need a stage. They just need any ol' day. During the ordinary, we show our extraordinary.

We are extraordinary.

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Lillie Fuller

Wow! Touched my soul!