Oscargal the Grouch


Oscargal the Grouch

imageLet's face it. I'm grouchy today. I try not to be grouchy because I can't even deal with myself when I am let alone having someone else have to deal with me.

Christmas went well. We didn't have to travel this year and spent the time with Mike's family who live in town. I didn't have to do any cooking other than to make a veggie tray and bake dinner rolls. I didn't even have to bake as Mike's mom turned into a one-woman bakery and I'm pretty sure we have enough baked goods to last until spring. Good bye diet, hello gym.

After dinner Christmas day we were lounging and fighting off turkey comas when Mike came up to me and said he wanted to go home as he didn't feel well. One look at him and I knew he wasn't kidding. In the last week or so he has been dealing with another cellulitis infection. On Christmas Eve he thought he might be getting another. Anyhow at this moment he was pasty looking and slightly sweaty. Looking feverish we headed for home. He complained of nerve pain, nausea and the area of his last infection was burning. As we were discussing his symptoms he asked if he should take what was left of his antibiotics from his last infection.

Pardon me? What antibiotics? It turns out that because they were making his stomach upset he didn't finish the entire prescription! I know he is non-compliant from time to time, but this took the cake. Restraining myself from coming completely unglued I said that if his symptoms  didn't improve by morning he had to go to the ER. (We live in Canada so the day after Christmas is Boxing day and clinics aren't open).

By morning he felt better, but I'm still grouchy. I realize he doesn't want to be sick all the time, but not taking his entire prescription can make things worse than they need to be. I know he knows that but, it is taking a lot for me to restrain from a full-blown lecture.

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I would be grouchy too, Chris. In fact, I am very grouchy when my mom is non-compliant. I applaud your restraint from going into full-blown lecture mode. I'm not so sure I could have done so. However, sometimes, I think it serves more as a relief to get it out than it does to get something through to our caree. I hope the infection is not too bad this time around. Take a deep breath . . . 1, 2, 3 and so forth.


I hear you! Sometimes my mom makes her own (bad) decisions about her medications and it's very frustrating. That kind of thing can turn in to a fight because if it's about her health or safety, I have to be right. Yuk.


Hi Chris--I would be grouchy, too!!! Just when you were ready to really relax, bam! you have to deal with a potential catastrophe. That's frustrating and worrisome and unnerving.\r\n\r\nInteresting how Mike taking his antibiotics is a cure for the infection and your grouchiness. :)

Lillie Fuller

I'm grouchy today also! grrrr!