Our CareGifters Program Helps Again!


Our CareGifters Program Helps Again!

CalugayThis afternoon, I sent $500 to our 20th CareGifters recipient--Edrienne (@edrienne), who cares for her husband. She's pictured here with her family.

In her CareGifters application, Edrienne shares why she needs our help.

Caregiving.com: Tell us about your caregiving situation. For whom do you care? How long have you been in a caregiving situation?
Edrienne: I'm a full-time wife, mother and employed as a training supervisor and caregiver to my spouse.

Caregiving.com: Tell us about your three most pressing concerns.
Edrienne: My husband's health, his well-being when I am at work, and our finances.

Caregiving.com: How will receiving $500 help you?
Edrienne: I have been through it all; living the life in a position to buy whatever we wanted, worry free with money, owned several vehicles, young homeowner to a new big beautiful home, had successful careers. You name it, we had it. Life made a change right before our eyes; what used to be nice lavish things are all just material objects that won't bring back life nor mend broken hearts. We have lived through very tough times; gas being turned off, then water shortly after, then the power, but nothing was more heart wrenching than to see your home in foreclosure and then moving in with family. We have suffered so much, any assistance would be appreciated. It will help with my husband's prescriptions he needs to live. He currently has no insurance because he doesn't qualify for Medicaid and is not eligible for Medicare. We have applied through the State Health Insurance to get insurance effective 2016.

In her profile page Edrienne shares more of her story: "A year and four months ago, our lives instantly changed right before our eyes. My husband was in ICU for three days with a congestive heart failure. Exactly 30 days following that incident, my husband was in the hospital as he suffered a stroke. The hospital diagnosed him for suffering an ischemic stroke that caused left side paralysis in his arm, hand and fingers. He was also diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. I still can’t understand why this was not found when he was in for congestive heart failure. Upon his release from the hospital, we were transferred to a rehab hospital that was our home for the next 28 days. With all this life changing event fall happening at once, I still had my three children to care for: Our eldest, Aysia, who is 21, and will be graduating next year at Notre Dame de Namur University; our middle child, Ayden, who is 15 and in the 10th grade, and our baby, Amaya, who is 9 and in the 4th grade.

"My husband owned his own handyman business. As a licensed contractor, he was very busy and independent, so today it’s a huge life changing for him as he can’t do many things he always did on his own. We had to shut down his business and I had to get back in the work field. Today, I am a full time employee, working as a training supervisor for a call center that provides medical transportation for eligible members. I always use my life changing events and husband's conditions to train our agents who answer the calls to set transportation for medically ill members. I encourage sensitivity and compassion at the same time making sure we provide professional and quality service."

We could help Edrienne today for a few important reasons:

  • Lillie (@lillie) and Mar (@marfromwi) created and sold A Caregiving Cookbook and then donated the proceeds to our CareGifters program;

  • Two lovely individuals made donations to CareGifters on December 1 (Giving Tuesday).

Thank you all so much for all your contributions to our CareGifters fund. Your generosity turns around a family caregiver's bad day in a heartbeat!

(We operate CareGifters through our non-profit organization, The Center for Family Caregivers. We are a tiny organization that operates on fumes so your support makes a huge difference. Help us continue to help family caregivers in need by making a tax-deductible donation via the donation button at the bottom of this post. You also can help by purchasing a copy of A Caregiving Day, a book of poems, and A Caregiving Cookbook. Proceeds from the sale of these two books will go directly to help family caregivers in need. You can purchase either book in our store.)

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Yay to <a href=\"http://www.caregiving.com/members/lillie/\" rel=\"nofollow\">@Lillie</a>, <a href=\"http://www.caregiving.com/members/marfromwi/\" rel=\"nofollow\">@marfromwi</a>, and the Caregifters! And to <a href=\"http://www.caregiving.com/members/denise/\" rel=\"nofollow\">@denise</a> for making the most of those proverbial fumes! What a powerful, tangible difference has been made for so many through this program.