Our Decisions Book Is Out!


Our Decisions Book Is Out!

Decisions_CoverDecisions, our sixth book in our CareGifters Book Series, is now available for purchase as an eBook or in print.

Facing a decision during caregiving can feel like standing in line for a roller coaster ride that looked so harmless 200 yards away. Easy peasy, you think when you glimpse the ride in the distance. As you inch your way closer, you realize what lies ahead of you: A high climb, a steep drop. You can't go back--the line is too deep. And, yet, going forward, getting on that ride, terrorizes.

Taking the ride is the only way out.

A decision during caregiving brings home what caregiving requires of you. A decision isn't simply about which shoes to wear or which sandwich to order. It's about how your caree will live with a chronic illness. And, it's also about how your caree will die.

And all those decisions in between.

In Decisions, our contributors share their roller coaster rides. In their stories, they talk out decisions, they face decisions, they make a decision. They reflect about the decisions that they don't want. They write about decisions that require a deep breath followed by a shaky step into vulnerability.

Our book about decisions is also a way for us to give to you. We'll use the revenue from our book sales to fund our CareGifters program. As often as we can, we send $500 to help a family caregiver in need. When you stand in line for the roller coaster, we want to make sure we share the ride.

Because the best way to ride a roller coaster is with friends who scream along.

Purchase your copy of the print version of Decisions here.

Purchase your copy of the eBook of Decisions (only $5!) here.

(And, a huge Thank You! to 2Trish, who compiles and edits our CareGifters Book Series. I'm very grateful to Trish and her decision to nurture our CareGifters books.)

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