Our Members, the Small Business Owners


Our Members, the Small Business Owners

MissAngie, who cares for her mom, creates Victorian Candy Cones, which make a terrific gift.

It's Small Business Saturday, a day which reminds us to support our local businesses.

We have small business owners here on Caregiving.com--our members sell products they make, books they've written and services they offer.

Beginning today, we're introducing you the members who are crafty--who create beauty with their hands. You can check out our members who sell craft items in our Craft Fair. (If you have homemade creations you'd like to sell, just tell us about your products in our Craft Fair.)

Our Caregiving Book Store features my books (I'm also a small business owner) and books written by our members. Feel free to peruse the aisles of our Caregiving Book Store. (Would you like your book added to our Book Store? Send me an email with the book's details and I'll add it.)

Thanks so much for supporting small business owners in our Caregiving.com community!

(Not a member of Caregiving.com? Create your free Caregiving.com account and join us.)

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