Our Memory Jar


Our Memory Jar


Made this "Memory Jar" for Momma a long while ago, at the beginning of her Alzheimer's. I used a crystal candy dish and tied a pretty ribbon around the top. Inside the jar are little slips of paper, each holding a snippet of a memory from my life with Momma. I shared my most powerful memories so that they might grow with time, rather than fade. I used white slips of paper but I think pastel colored slips would look even prettier.

She loved reaching her hand in the jar, pulling out a little piece of paper and reading the memory to me. Memories like..."Our aluminum Christmas tree and the color changing wheel" or "Me getting my head stuck in that little black rocking chair" or "Getting my ears pierced by you with a needle and an ice cube." We could make a day of remembering and retelling the stories. I never would have imagined all the trips down memory lane we could take with that simple jar. It was jam-packed full of our nostalgic times together!

I must have filled that jar up with about 200 memories! And I continue to add to the jar to this day. I know I made the memory jar for Momma but it feels like I get as much joy from it as she did. It's the gift that just keeps giving!

I would encourage you to make your own "Memory Jar". Momma's gone now but that jar full of memories brings me laughter and some tears as I reread and relive the memories. Not only those memories but also the new memories of Momma and me and our Memory Jar!

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Wow! Thank you DeReita for sharing this magnificent idea. My mother passed away on January 11th, 2019. I've been gathering up my broken pieces and trying to put myself back together, ever since. I've been blessed with a tremendous outpouring of support and encouragement from family and friends. I will be eternally grateful for that. And also, for Denise, caregiving.com, and all the wonderful people who participate here, who give me a community I can be a part of when the days get difficult and long.\n\nIn all the phone calls and visits from my family and friends, there has been much sharing of beautiful memories each and every one of them has about my mom. In my grief, they've gotten past me. I listened in the moment but it was too late when I realized I should have been writing them all down.\n\nGod works in mysterious ways. On this day I've been led to this writing and this memory jar idea. Her memorial services are this Saturday. I'll go to the store and get lots of paper and pens, and a special jar to hold the memories. I'll ask everyone at the funeral to please write down their memories and put them into the jar, to keep them alive and growing.


Such a beautiful way to share with your mother. Thanks for sharing with us.


Thanks Sally! She so enjoyed reading slips from our memory jar. As time progressed and the memories became less familiar to her, she would just fill in the blanks with made-up stuff. Sometimes what she invented was better than the original memory! Lol!

Lillie Fuller

This is a great idea!!! I want to do this for my own mom! Thank you so much! My mom will celebrate her 90th birthday in November, I think I will put together an email asking for \"memories\" to create a beautiful gift for my mom for her birthday!


I love it when a kindness we create for another also becomes the kindness we receive for ourselves.\r\n\r\nYour Memory Jar is such a great idea! I just love that you continue saving those precious memories.

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