Our Voice Is Getting Louder


Our Voice Is Getting Louder

Sharon, on the right, advocates on behalf of family caregivers and cares through her presentations and her appearance (her purple hue in her hair).

(This is the sixth article in a series about the trends in caregiving experience that bubbled up during our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference.)

On her way from NCC18, Kathy Koenig, one of our Certified Caregiving Consultants™ and Educators, sat near Congressman Eric Swalwell, the U.S. Representative from California's 15th congressional district. (Kathy lives in Iowa, which becomes the hotbed of activity now for those considering a run for U.S. president.) She learned of his identity after asking a flight attendant about the passenger who seemed to be receiving a lot of attention.

On the way off the plane, Kathy introduced herself to Congressman Swalwell and shared her perspectives and suggestion that politicians include family caregiving as part of their platforms since it's nonpartisan, crosses rural/urban divides, and covers every segment of the population. He listened intently and gave her his card so she could follow up with more ideas.

We're not waiting for introductions. We're creating our opportunities to be heard.

Sharon Hall, who cares for her husband and mother, adds a purple hue to her hair to bring awareness to her experience of caring for family members with dementia. One of our conference attendees who cares for her husband and admired Sharon's purple-ness told me she was dying her hair when she returned home. "I'm no longer meek and mild," she explained. "I'm putting it out there."

We connected in Chicago to share support, gain coping strategies and enjoy each other's good company. Energized by our collective experiences, we returned home committed to making a difference.

So many of us will be adding our voice to the conversation that we'll elevate the conversation to a new decibel. Those who listen will get elected as well as win our business, including the hair salon that runs a special on purple-hue hair styles.

Miss our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference? We recorded all our sessions so that you don’t miss any of the important conversation that occurred during our sessions.

“I work with families facing very complex, difficult care-giving situations, and very much appreciate the sophistication and depth of all the presentations I attended,” shared a conference attendee. “Thanks so very much for this wonderful conference.”

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