Paperwork Phobia


Paperwork Phobia

messydesk-300pxMy Brother-in-charge-of-finances hired a Medicaid Specialist to help put everything together so my parents can go back on Medicaid. I'm grateful for this and grateful my Brother-i-c-o-f takes care of all the money stuff for my parents, at least what he can do from his home in Texas and what he can do when his job takes him to Denmark or Franceor Germany. The Medicaid Specialist idea was great. Let someone else do all the paperwork; someone who does it all the time.

Her job is to put it all together. I found out recently, it's my job to get it all to her.

I am paperwork phobic. Filling out the profile form for this site made me sweat. No one bothers me while I do the taxes and FAFSA forms every year. They know I'll either yell or swear - though not at them. I go through mounds of chocolate during tax/fafsa season and gain enough weight to see me through the rest of the winter. Now I have receipts, bank statements, cancelled checks, check stubs, letters from social security, and other random bits of information to find, preferably before 8:00 am tomorrow, which is when there will be a 3 way call between the specialist, my Brother, and me. We've already many emails.

The Med Spec is okay - nice, even - but she has a job to do, and her job is to hound me until I get all the documents to her. No one ever told me how this worked. If they had, I would have saved every scrap of paper and every receipt they, or I, ever received. I would have saved the expired registration to their old car. I would have kept track of how my dad was using his cash. I would have written the entire name on the check instead of MPHA so I would remember what this $1285 check was for. I would have hauled my dad places instead of paying for things out of my account and having dad repay me.

But I didn't know enough. Let this be a warning to everyone. Medicaid is just going to have to figure it out.

No, I don't know why dad wrote a check for cash for $600 and I certainly don't know what he did with the money. Probably paid for mom's beauty salon appts and other things generally called "incidentals" like Burger King and Domino's Pizza.  I'm sure he gave half to mom, too. What does she do with it? It's probably stuck between the pages of Bill Clinton's biography, where all the rest of her cash is (I want to inherit that book). Why is there a check for $621.21 written to me? Well... it goes like this: we had to pay someone $600 to haul trash from their house. We couldn't absorb that hit in our checking acct so I yelled "HELP" to Brother. He fronted us $1000 to help with expenses to get the house sold. Expenses mounted: $678 to get rid of hazardous waste at the recycling plant (any other disposal is illegal here), $ to set up storage unit account, $ to pay for storage unit each month, and $34 that I cannot account for at all. Adding and Subtracting everything and, theoretically, you'd end up with exactly $621.21. Theoretically doesn't work with Medicaid Specialists.

With each document, the experience goes something like this: Needed - car registration. Car is in my driveway and has been there for two years. No registration. No insurance. No gas. No battery. I didn't keep the expired card because I knew we had the title. Okay... title is in the safe deposit box. Key to box is with my Brother in Texas. Bank branch which holds said box is closed and perhaps going to be demolished. Safe deposit box people don't recognize POA's. We finally solved it, but not before I made numerous clandestine stops at Dairy Queen for chocolate ice cream cones and hot fudge sundaes.

Thankfully, I'm also running after puppies these days, too, or I'd be rolling into winter. The pups are growing and are the hit attraction ever time I visit my parents. I plan an extra 45 minutes so we can stop and visit with everyone in the hallway or the common room. We'll get the paperwork done. Eventually. I'll just have to admit to the specialist I've inherited my father's organizational skills. In the meantime, I'm going to get up early tomorrow. The phone call terrifies me because I'm expected to be somewhat organized. I'll also have to remember to set my phone to ring out loud and not just vibrate. If it's on vibrate, I may get mixed up (I'm not very awake that early) and hold the chihuahua up to my ear.


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HAHA love the puppies added in. WE have 4 fur babies that vary in age and size.


<a href='' rel='nofollow'>@terri</a> I so enjoy your wry sense of humor!