Party, Paperwork, and Puppies


Party, Paperwork, and Puppies

party3-800pxTwo weeks ago, I had an email from Brother in charge of Finances telling me he would be in town the following weekend and, since our other brother and our brother-in-law would also be in town, we should have a birthday get together for Mom's 87th birthday.

Translate: I got to cook dinner for 14 people. It was a nice celebration and I had a chance later to visit and really talk with my Brother in charge of Finances.

It's also time to get paperwork together so Mom and Dad can apply for Medicaid again. I'm paperwork challenged. Or is it organizationally challenged. It's not from lack of trying. I always have such good intentions. I was going to keep detailed records of every penny I spent for them and records of when Dad reimbursed me. It's never that easy. Dad would overpay me so I'd have money for the "next time". Sometimes, I'd do our shopping and add in the one over the counter prescription they needed and forget to save the receipt.

Translate: Two full days of tearing through my desk (which used to be my dad's organizationally challenged area), several drawers, my online bank statements, more drawers, and the top of the china closet. I won't know if it's enough till Medicaid looks through it all.

Our last foster puppy went to his new home today. It's the end of a four-month journey which started out as a two-week commitment. We are now a one puppy household. It's much quieter.. or was until we put Bennie to bed by himself for the first time. Only five minutes of howling before he fell asleep -- not too bad.

Translate: I got to drive 12 miles to meet the new family and the rep from the rescue organization at a Pet Smart store. While there, I got a desperate phone call from my dad. My cousin was planning to visit them and Mom wasn't feeling well and didn't want visitors. Phone call cut out. Cousin was undoubtedly on her way already. I managed to hear, "Mom wants you to come right away", just before the call dropped. Hurried through our goodbyes with the puppy and got promises to keep in touch, paid for stuffed animal puppy -- a present for Bennie -- then drove 15 miles to facility. Cousin was there along with her daughter and three grandchildren. Everyone seemed happy. Hmm. I guess the serious illness was just a false alarm.

Along with several doctor's appointments -- two for my parents (Dad's physical - he lost 9 lbs, Mom's eye exam), two for my husband (more skin cancer surgery), and one for me (my eye exam because I've been falling asleep on the couch with my glasses in my hand, rolled on them, and the frames are now held together with superglue) -- this is part of what we've been doing lately, along with cleaning cat cages (paying off our adoption fees by volunteering), watching grandchildren, driving our daughter to work, and picking up my parent's prescriptions.

I was wondering why I was tired.

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I hear you about the party idea and getting to cook for 14 people. Sounds like you did great. I also totally relate to your comments_mysql about paperwork. Paperwork! Ayeeeeee...!


I am tired reading this!! \r\n\r\nHow does it feel to only have Bernie with you? How is Bernie doing after a few days on his own?


I had no idea how large the picture of the party favor was. I can assure you, the party wasn't nearly so big! \r\nAnyway, I felt a little self conscious after seeing the picture blasted on the site activity page.