Pattin' Myself on the Back


Pattin' Myself on the Back

pills 001We were told that our old blood pressure medicine wasn't covered with Dean's new Medicare prescription plan, so our doctor prescribed the generic one, which I had filled last week.

The home health nurse filled his pill organizer with the new ones for this week, but when I looked at it this weekend before he started taking them, I noticed that he was one pill short in the evenings. I carefully sorted out which one was missing (out of the usual seven) and discovered it was the blood pressure medicine.

Evidently the new prescription said only once a day, instead of twice a day. I wondered why even our neighborhood pharmacist (who we know on a first name basis) didn't catch this oversight! I'm waiting for the doctor's office to call me back and tell me they made a mistake. Yeah, ya' think???!!!

I'm not only feeling smarter than a fifth grader today, but a pharmacist, doctor, and nurse combined! Once again, we family caregivers rock!!!

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Awesome... good job!


They never told you'd be getting a real life degree in pharmacology, did they? :) Great catch on your part. Scary to think that it happens but it does and with alarming frequency.

John Parks-Coleman

Teresa, you are so totally not patting yourself on the back well enough; those medication errors can have ripple effects that lead to even more problems. I agree with Denise (with one caveat) you do rock, but you rock like straight-up Heavy Metal ;-)


You rock, Teresa!! :)


You deserve it!

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