We made it!

The Second Annual National Caregiving Conference, which happened November 10 and 11, was a success.

I'm so grateful for those of you who could attend. In particular, I'm grateful to @lillie and @lisariggi, who gave so much to ensure the success of the conference. In addition, @ccforsure and @michelle both traveled from California to volunteer during the conference.

If you missed it, you can purchase the archive of the virtual broadcast as well as our conference recordings. The archive and recordings will keep you warm all winter long. (Be sure to purchase before November 16, when we raise the cost of the recordings.)

Thanks to all of you for making our conference the place to share, connect and receive.

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I sure hope other Caregivers will consider getting the virtual Conference and then decide to come next year! It's a Conference where you will be encouraged by warm, friendly, fellow Caregivers. Learning tips that will make a difference in relating to family, Caree, Doctors/Professionals and your House of Worship. There are vendors with info and exposure to items like Drug Trials, adaptive Clothing and Shoes, kits to help with Hospital stays - anything that can make your day/life easier!