Physical Therapy and a Great Check Up


Physical Therapy and a Great Check Up

Today we thought we only had a doctor's appointment...boy were we wrong.  Starting at 9 am (or thereabouts) the phone rang waking us up.  (We had gone back to bed). Beverly at the physical therapy ward had gotten on the ball and contacted the home services company about Gramma's PT and OT.  It was the nurse calling to get her set up in their system.  She would be here in an hour.

Panic mode will begin in 3...2...1...

Dogs fed, cats fed, turtles fed, meds distributed, breakfast is cooked and served. Change clothes.  Thankfully with Gramma's determination, she is able to dress herself again but I make sure she is focusing on getting herself together and I'll take care of everything else.  I get myself put together and the nurse is here.

Of course, UPS stops by with an order from Wal-mart so the nurse works with Gramma (anything I could have said/helped with is done) so the birds are fed.  (The cardinals are quite happy that the doves and sparrows haven't found out that the feeders are full. LOL)  After about an hour of questions, copying of information (it was the same company that had come three weeks ago before Gramma had her bigger stroke).

At 11:15 FedEx shows up with the rest of the order from Wal-mart.  This is always a nice visit as we are now on a first name basis with the delivery guy since Justin comes about every two weeks or so.  Right behind him was the PT and so she was introduced to him as well and we all had a good laugh.

The PT was rather impressed with how Gramma was doing and how she's been pushing herself so there isn't really any motion that is an issue its more stamina so they will be working on that and on the osteoarthritis in her left knee.  Another therapist will be calling us to set up the next appointment for Thursday.  So she will be getting PT and OT twice a week for the next four weeks.

We had to rush over to the doctor's office after she was gone but it was well worth it.  He is very happy with how things are going.  Her balance has improved greatly and considering the last time she saw him she was in a wheelchair and today she could walk without her cane.  He wanted her to walk to the door and back so she popped up out of her chair, handed him her cane and headed for the door and he had to hurry to keep up.  He wants to see her again in a month.

At one point she asked him what would have caused this.  Because we didn't have a definite answer for this last issue.  The doctor looked at her as if he wasn't quite sure he believed she was asking and said: "You had a stroke."  Really though we were going off of what I had read off of WebMD with this last one so I'm happy that it was officially diagnosed.

Now Friday it's a trip to the retinologist to check on her eyes and see if this stroke has messed with them in any way.

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