Picnics, Parades, Parties


I have written about how even though this is my favorite time of  year, it is also my worst time.  This is the season of picnics and parades and outdoor parties.  We do get invites, but often the work involved to for both of us to attend is just too much.  Setting up one or more sitters for mom so that we can go to a gathering, and not watch the time to rush back home.  It is no fun at all when we have to go by our self, and one stay home, so most of the time, we just don't go anywhere.

As I thought about this, I went back to my being invisible post, where I had talked about how I had wanted someone to bring me free pancakes at a local spot was offering.  What if family/friends considered bringing a dish or even more then one from a picnic, cookout or party, to a home where they knew a caregiver was, who couldn't get out and enjoy these functions?  Does anyone think about something like that?

I am not just referring to myself and my husband, but any caregiver who cannot go and enjoy these good times in the summer.  Of course this can apply to any holiday or function where food is involved, and these individuals would be there if it was not for their caregiving responsibilities.

The 4th of July is coming up, it will be a quiet and lonely day, watching all the cars driving by going to the parade and then back home to get ready for their picnics and cookouts.  Then at night driving downtown to watch the fireworks.  Some of these things we pretty much stopped doing long ago when the kids didn't want to anymore.  But to have a choice to do them, that we really don't have anymore.

It is not just missing out on all the wonderful summer foods, some of which we could fix, but it is certainly not the same, it is that someone thought about us, and they took the time to bless us with some picnic goodies.  It is not being invisible, it is someone caring about us here within these 4 walls.

Does anyone ever think about what good deed they could do for someone?  Well, here you go...go bless a caregiver with some wonderful summer treats!  Little things mean a lot, believe me!

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