Piece (Peace) of Mind (Mixed Emotions)

Sample page from the 1679 version of Nikolay D... Sample page from the 1679 version of Nikolay Diletsky's "Idea grammatiki musikiyskoy." This page features examples of "how to move to joy", "how to move to sadness" and "how to move to mixed emotions", respectively. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)This musical piece is what I found when I searched for an image by typing "Mixed Emotions".  Didn't think I'd get anything interesting, but if you read the subtext it says what I hear so many people say to me in their day-to-day lives. How do we or how can we move from joy to sadness to wonder to awe? Or, are those emotions moving so fast that we get stuck and have headaches?

I'm in awe of the feedback I'm getting from these blogs. I'm just typing but every time I free flow something happens whether it be a hug, a post that helps me cry, validation, or all of the above.

I keep getting diverted  and fascinated by this text in the image. Last night, I went to see fireworks by myself. It was such a healing experience as  it was the first time I'd gone without my ex and I had a lovely time in a different atmosphere. Mix that with Mom saying multiple times, "Where are you going?" "Do you want me to come with you?" "I don't want you to be alone."

Sounds cruel but I got irritated and actually wanted to be alone. A friend had given me a parking pass that allowed me to be in a lovely neighborhood away from crowds and just be in peaceful residential safe place to heal (or take a baby step). Mix that with coming home to hearing Mom saying to Dad, "Where's Il?" "I don't like her car not being here."

I know she's saying I love my baby. Again:  how do we move from one emotion to the next in the rush of  those feelings?  I don't know about anyone else but I believe in fate,  such as finding this image when I'm a musician.  I couldn't find an image to convey my mood and said, Oh heck, I'll type "Mixed Emotions" and then found this piece of music and so much support. Couldn't ask for more.

Repetition. Music. Life.



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