Pity Party for Myself


Pity Party for Myself

tree-167489_640It's been a tough two days with Mom on my back telling me what I am doing wrong with my granddaughter.

My son decided he didn't need to pay back the money we gave him to get his car fixed when he got his income taxes. He's been promising since September and has been lying to us since February. His wife felt so bad she told us so our son is mad at the world.

I am just tired of planning our life around everyone else. First it was my grandmother when my dad died. My grandmother lived with us from 1999 to 2002, when she passed. We were both working so it was hard. Now we have my mom living with us and sometimes she is just a grumpy old lady. Don't forget we are now the main child keeper for our granddaughter. My son and his wife have been told they need to find a new sitter because, after Mother's Day, we are going to our cabin in North Carolina. We haven't been there since August. Before we had our granddaughter, we had our nephew who is in school so he not over here as much as before but we had to plan our time around him.

I enjoy having the kids here. It's just I want our time now as we retired in 2007.

Tomorrow I will be back to normal. I actually thought I lost this post, glad I didn't. It's only Tuesday.

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Yes Denise\r\nYes writing does help. I hate feeling like I have to tell mom where I am going. I came home from being with my SIL and mom is there wondering if I brought half of my meal back because I usually do but not this time. Beside everything going on in our life I half to find a new real estate agent, the one we have had since November and has only had 3 people come and looked at it, this agent's mother has been friend with my mom for almost 50 years. She is not doing het job and I am tired of it, I am now looking for a new real estate agent, boy what fun. Oh well another day in the Willis home.


It's awful to feel you are at the mercy of everyone's schedule but your own.\r\n\r\nI'm soooo glad you will be spending time at the cabin. I have a feeling time there will be the best way to close out the pity party.\r\n\r\nHope it helped to write it out.