Platitudes on Gratitudes


Platitudes on Gratitudes

You can't burn store-bought cookies. You can't burn store-bought cookies.

I've thought of 10 reasons to be grateful for your caregiving role:

1. A built-in excuse to cut back on time spent with certain family members over the holidays. What a great way to cut down of these distasteful side dishes of judgments and opinions. Who needs those calories!

2. You’re crabby? Someone even ventures to question your crabbiness? Give them the throwdown: "It’s the caregiving." And, it’s not even a lie!

3. A guilt-free way out of helping at the church bazaar or the school holiday festival. "You know, what with caregiving, I’m booked."

4. A reason to throw a pity party, complete with ice cream and more ice cream, for yourself, any time, any day.

5. You never have to explain that trip to your car, the trip that begins and ends in the driveway. You don’t go anywhere, you just go to the car. To hide. And, everyone knows why. It’s the caregiving. And, on those days you can’t even get out to car, you go to bathroom, with your pillow. They still know why.

6. No explanation needed for those bad hair days. Or for the grey hair. Or for no hair. It’s the caregiving.

7. Acceptance from family members of burnt food, especially cookies and casseroles.

8. Pajamas and slippers all day, every weekend.

9. You’re a whiz with a wheelchair. A whiz with one hand. You receive admiring glances at the doctor’s office, at worship services, at the grocery store. It’s all in the wrist.

10. Finally, be grateful for your caregiving role because it shows you your priorities, highlights the love you have for others as well as the love you receive from others, and puts the true meaning of relationships and life in the forefront of your day, every day. Caregiving may seem to tear you apart, but after you put yourself back together, you’ll be amazed at what’s created. You, times 10.

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