Please Stop Minimizing My Experience


Please Stop Minimizing My Experience

Alinari's Meeting Between Dante and Beatrice i... Alinari's Meeting Between Dante and Beatrice in Purgatory. Through the Catholic doctrine of indulgence, believers can minimize their time spent in purgatory) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many caregivers hear the 'outside world' say we have it easy? How many of us hear from the people we pay for help that 'you should': Get a job (I have one, thank you ); not lose your temper (you're not here 24/7 and I'm human, thank you); your dad is a wonderful man (okay, yes, and he yells when he's drunk, thank you); come when your Mom calls you (I do, thank you, now please let me rest); not be stressed you have so much to be thankful for (um, both of them have dementia and I'm their daughter, thank you); not be depressed (that's something I can't control, thank you).

And the list goes on. So I say to the health care workers, please stop minimizing me (us).

Does this resonate with anyone?



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I don't know who to respond to first but since I want to rest and take all this support in I say 'Thank You Guys For The Shelter Of!'\r\nAlways,\r\nil

Casandra Porter

Oh yes! Yes, it does. You are not alone, my dear. You deserve rest and you deserve to feel however you need to feel. Don't let anyone tell you different. Everyone's experience is different and everyone deserves to have their different experiences without being judged. Hugs, my friend!