Empowered Family Caregiver: 5 Best Caregiver Tips for Getting Family to Help


Empowered Family Caregiver: 5 Best Caregiver Tips for Getting Family to Help

Do you struggle to get the family to help you take care of a loved one? One of the biggest challenges I hear from family caregivers is how to get family members to help them in some capacity or another. You can listen to suggestions I share in my podcast via the player, below.

Sometimes people think we are doing such a great job and don’t complain so we must not need help. Other times, family or friends are busy living their lives and don’t stop to think about your needs. One of the biggest things we can do for ourselves is to ask for help! Don’t wait until you are overwhelmed and exhausted to ask for help. Here are my 5 Best Caregiver Tips For Getting Family To Help (so you can stress less):

Tip #1: Be prepared with a list of ways others can support you. Listen in for a list of specific tasks others can do to get your juices flowing.

Tip #2: Choose who to ask for help and what to ask them for based on their time, preferences, abilities, and strengths.

Tip #3: Be specific when asking for help. Listen in for my communication tips on how to be specific with your ask.

Tip #4: Take a “no” answer as a no for now.

Tip #5: Have a list of 3-5 emergency contacts. Listen in for details of this critical tip to help ease caregiver stress and overwhelm for both the family caregiver and caree.

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Lisa Cozart

Oh yes. It is difficult to get family to help at times and I have one member that does nothing and some days I just want to tell him off. I try to see his side and I wonder if it is because he has seen so many loved ones die lately that he was close too but I remind myself that I have gone through that too. So I do not know but I have had to put my foot down to get other family help.\n