Podcast: Will Innovation Come From Outside Our Space?


Podcast: Will Innovation Come From Outside Our Space?

My guests, Susan Rowe and Anne Tumlinson of Daughterhood.org, joined me to discuss what's new in our business of caregiving. During our podcast, we pondered this question: Will innovations in health care and help for family caregivers come from outside our space? You can listen to our discussion via the player, below.

Anne Tumlinson founded Daughterhood and is also a long-time researcher and aging expert in Washington, DC. She has worked for many years on improving how we pay for and provide care to the nation’s most frail older adults and their caregivers.

Susan Rowe joined Daughterhood at its inception in January 2015. She brings her natural gift for empathy to bare in her current role as Daughterhood Programs Coordinator, where she works forming and supporting daughterhood circles and their group of awesome volunteer leaders from Florida to Los Angeles

To learn more about our discussion, you can read the following articles:



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Lynn B.

Such pertinent information at this time in healthcare. Thank you!