wecandoitYou stand in your living room or your bedroom or your kitchen, look around at the equipment, the supplies and the strangers which infiltrate your home, and ask:

What's the point?

What's the point of all this--the suffering, the hardship, the disappointment, the pain. Where in the world is the point?

It's hard to find a point. In fact, the point seems to the problem--it pokes. It hurts.

What if you moved the point? What if you pointed to a purpose?

Your purpose can take you past the pain and suffering to the real and true connection you forge during caregiving. Caregiving brings a devastation that's hard to describe. It also brings an intimacy that's difficult to explain. You connect to others (perhaps your caree, often our members here, at times your family and friends) in a way that seemed implausible before caregiving. You now easily separate worthwhile from frivolous. You now understand what it means to not sweat the small stuff.

With that purpose, you make a point in your heart which transforms.

You are the point. You capture and hold and keep life's secrets during caregiving.

And, you are the best one to make the point. You do it every time you share one of those secrets to help another.

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I've learned that thinking \"what's the point\" leads nowhere. It's the hanging in there everyday, doing the best you can is the point and that point is as you elegantly offered Denise, is the purpose. Thank you....Bob