Pop-Up Podcasting at NCC18


Pop-Up Podcasting at NCC18

When you attend our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference, we want to hear your experiences. We want you to share your in-the-moment insights, your as-they-happen connections.

In essence, we want you to publish podcasts during our conference whether you join us in Chicago or virtually. We want you to record Pop-Up Podcasts. All you need is your smart phone or tablet; all you need to do is download an app (Spreaker Studio).

We met on Monday night with some of our conference attendees to go through a Pop-Up Podcast tutorial. Tandy Elisala, a podcaster in our Caregiving Podcast Network, led our discussion and created a wonderful step-by-step Pop-Up Podcasting Overview and Instructions.

You can watch our video meeting, below, which walks you through how to create a Pop-Up Podcast. Be sure to join us in Chicago or virtually for our conference (NCC18) on November 9 and 10. Check out our NCC18 details.



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