Positive Thoughts Helps Ease The Diagnosis


Positive Thoughts Helps Ease The Diagnosis

On Tuesday, we had our second visit to the radiation oncologist to secure images on TLO’s spine in order to determine the course of action for the upcoming radiation treatments. We were so pleased by the experience we had because of the care and concern showed to us by the technician who was taking the images.


Luis was a class act. He took the time to thoroughly explain to us the procedure, what to expect and when we would know of the results. He listened attentively to our questions and made us both feel at ease. But I think what set the positive tone off was the way he greeted us in the waiting room. He went right over to TLO, extended his hand and introduced himself, then turned to me with the same warm welcome!

His approach was truly an ice breaker!


Luis’ style today was not only professional and friendly, it was therapeutic! His demeanor completely put TLO at ease, which has lasted the rest of the day.

“I really feel good today,” said TLO after dinner. “Was my cooking that great tonight?" I asked? “Don’t kid yourself” he said. “I really came away from our appointment today feeling good about the how I was treated and the whole environment of the office. Luis was so nice to me and listened, that does not always happen in these settings. I am so glad that we are going to this office for treatments. I feel safe, secure and appreciated.”

I agree with him 100%!


As the night  progressed, TLO is resting comfortably and we are both at peace thanks to Luis’ excellent care today. We don’t look at the future as being bleak, we look at each day as a blessing to share with each other, to care for each other and to be open to the days ahead.

We’ve had our cries; we’ve had our frustration and now we just deal with the reality of what is in front of us. One simple act of kindness by Luis today help alleviate 10 days worth of fear and frustration. Our hats are off to Luis!


You see… We might have cancerbut cancer does not have us!

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Bless Luis. One person can truly make a tremendous difference. I love the way TLO put it -- he really spelled it all out. (((Hugs)))


Chris, I hope you and TLO can feel my smile all the way from here. How wonderful for you both to have found someone who takes the time to ease your way and make you feel safe. I am so happy for you.