Post-Holiday Relief Syndrome: We Survived!


Post-Holiday Relief Syndrome: We Survived!

Screenshot of Audrey Hepburn from the film Charade Screenshot of Audrey Hepburn from the film Charade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This past holiday season my mom and I were recipients of gifts that made us both  stare into space in wonder. What kind of wonder? Well, it wasn't wonderful.

I know people mean well. You're saying, "It's the thought that counts." Right?

Wrong! If my mom has really bad arthritis and dementia where is she going to wear  sparkly scarves and low cut sweaters? Back in the day mom was a fashionista. She was more like Audrey Hepburn, though not a burlesque queen. Unless the package got mixed up and that was my gift? I am very conservative too so I don't know who that gift was for.

She also got a knee-length robe with a long belt. That was nice but sometimes belts come a loose and she may fall down the stairs. I ended up keeping that one for myself and I traded her for some very pretty slipper socks that she liked right away. We were like kids comparing candy after trick or treating. "I'll trade you a robe for your ruby red slippers, my pretty." Mom still has a sense of humor and she was dying laughing at my wicked witch voice.

Then there's the food. Mom has dementia so she doesn't remember sometimes if she has s eaten or not. Every time I turned around someone was saying, "Just indulge her, Angie, it's the holidays." Needless to say, Mom had a sugar high and didn't go to sleep until midnight on Christmas. She ate blueberry cheesecake, candies, cake and cake pops. Then as I was putting them away she claimed she didn't get holiday goodies like everyone else. Gee, thanks, family.

It was very nice that my older brother bought me a special made Chinese cheesecake from San Francisco. My birthday is right after Christmas and that was very sweet (sweet pun intended) of him. He is trying to have a better relationship with Mom and he bought her gifts. She was so happy to see him. He also had a special no-sugar cake made for her that said, "Merry Christmas, Mom" that was so cute and thoughtful.

Also the ghost of Christmas pasts reminded us to hide the meat so certain relatives wouldn't take too much food home. We laid out the awesome smoked turkey my hubby BBq'd on a pretty platter in small slices, which deterred the one relative who brings tupperware to our home and takes food samples to the extreme. Her kids are grown now and she has a good job but still loves to hoard left overs. Not this year. Not on my watch! Hubby and I had it planned this time.

So, all in all, it wasn't too bad it didn't end in Mom going to the ER like a few Christmas's ago and no one fell in the hot tub and the dog didn't steal the cake. Mom kept her dentures in, too!

So, with careful re-gifting and food storage, the holidays can be enjoyed  by both carees and caregivers.

Well, that's my recap of our holiday. Until next time when we move on to Valentine's Day for more adventures and dentures.

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Miss Angie, I love your family and would love to join Denise in spending 24 hours with you all! I look forward to your posts which encourage an attitude of grace, mercy and laughter! Thanks again!!!


I actually have been through the same Christmas a few years ago when Grandmother live with us. We laugh now, but back then with dementia you never know what's going to happen. With grandmother we were answering the door every night and give the young man who we couldn't see, a dollar for grandmother. Grandmother pass at the age of 99 years old in 2002. We had no ideal about but after that experience we are now prepare having my 89 years old mom here. Luckily we don't work anymore.


Oh how nice to laugh out loud at the antics of other families at the holidays! I too love your way of dealing with everything, even if you didn't manage to avoid the sugar high! Good luck on Valentine's Day!


Hi Angie - I hope some day in the near future I can spend a whole day with you and your mom. Well, actually, I'd love 24 hours with you. I think what happens at night could be just as fun as the day.\r\n\r\nThanks so much for reminding us that humor is our best stress buster.