superhero-450419_640It's a horrible feeling, that feeling of helplessness that happens during caregiving.

You can feel like you can't make it better, you can't feel better, your caree can't feel better.

You don't have any power over this out-of-control situation.

Except that's not true.

You hold the power to understand what you can control and what you can't.

You hold the power to find a healthier perspective which brings you comfort.

You hold the power to say what you need.

You hold the power to decide what's acceptable.

You hold the power to refuse what's unacceptable.

You hold the power to stop what no longer works.

You hold the power to start what could work.

You hold the power to make a different decision when you have better information.

You hold the power to say "Yes."

You hold the power to say "No."

We are powerless until we realize the power we hold inside.

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Part of how this group has helped me so much is in my ability to see myself and my family in a different light. Growing up, I didn't have a parent I could depend on for any emotional support. I learned to go outside of my family, to my friends for support. Now I know - I have a family I can depend on...not because of how caring they are when my Parkinson's flairs up, but because my husband and I ARE the family our children and grandchildren can depend on. Well, and my parents can depend on us, too. This is something my mother never was able to experience.\r\nSeeing my caregiving job in this light makes a huge difference for me, a powerful difference.\r\nthank you!


Amen. I have learned that very often, when I find myself on my knees yet again...that is precisely where I need to be, and where I find new strengths.