Pre-Launch Sale: Take Even More Comfort

summer-BookBecause you can never have too much, my fourth “Take Comfort” book -- Take More Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Family Caregivers -- will be available on July 21.

I’m happy to make this little book with a big heart available to you through a pre-launch sale. When you order your print copy before July 21, you save almost $2 off the retail price of the print book ($8.95). You'll save $1 off the cost of the Kindle book when you purchase the PDF eBook before July 21.

Order your print copy today and pay only $6.99 plus shipping and handling. You can purchase a PDF of the book for only $1.99. The Kindle version, available on or around July 25, will cost $2.99.

Your book will ship on July 21. To get a taste, view a sample of Take Even More Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Family Caregivers.

In Take Even More Comfort, I take ordinary words -- including Sink, Compose and Thud -- and then turn each into a reflection. The reflections focus on a family caregiver’s reality, sprinkled with hope. A reader says: "I am so loving this book! It is touching my heart like no other! This had to be written for me!!"

Bring Take Even More Comfort to keep you company during doctor's appointments or on your commute to work. Keep it on your nightstand so you can grab comfort before you start and end your days. It will be your daily dose of understanding and hope.

Buy Take More Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Family Caregivers below.

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