Pre-Order "A Caregiving Cookbook"


Pre-Order "A Caregiving Cookbook"

CookBook_Cover_1A Caregiving Cookbook, featuring recipes from our members, will be available on September 9 in both print and eBook (PDF) versions. When you purchase your book before September 9, add coupon code (cook) to save 20%. Your pre-ordered book will ship on September 9.

With your coupon code (cook), you can purchase the print cookbook for $10.39 and the eBook for $1.59 when you purchase before September 9. The more print books you order, the more you save. And, your coupon code (cook) gives you even greater discounts on your order. You can purchase, below. (By the way, the coupon code gives you 20% off anything in our store, including our t-shirts, mug and books.)

Our very first Caregiving Cookbook features yummy recipes from members and excerpts from my Take Comfort books. The seed for the idea of a caregiving cookbook came during one of the daily chats. Since our chats often turn to "what's for dinner?," we often share our meal plans with each other. @lillie, who cares for her mom, sparked the idea to assemble our members' recipes into a cookbook with the proceeds from purchases supporting the CareGifters program.

We'll donate $5 to our CareGifters program for each print book we sell. We'll donate $1.40 for each eBook we sell. Through our CareGifters program, we send $500 to a family caregiver in need as often as we can. To date, we've helped 19 family caregivers offset the costs of medical pays, pay for a hotel bill incurred during a caree's long hospitalization, put food in the fridge, buy shoes and glasses, purchase medical supplies and build a ramp for easy entry into the house.

Both Lillie and @marfromwi worked tirelessly to to collect submissions for the cookbook by regularly posting prompts in our Caregiving Cookbook forum. Their prompts not only made us run to our recipe books but also gave us a giggle. My favorites were "When life hands you lemons" and "Fireworks" (things that go POW! in our mouths). Members also shared recipes for make-ahead meals, quickly prepared meals and special dietary needs. Lillie also created the cookbook's cover art; you'll note her art appeared in our July Zentangle Art Show.

Thanks so much for our chefs: @jbones1961 @lisarae @hussy @bonnie @sara32742 @ccforsure @janshriver @oscargal @llchika73 @pjp3 @worriedwife @thedogmama @srhall419 @outbythesea. (A note to our chefs: I'll send you a free PDF of our Cookbook on September 10.)

And a huge thank you to Lillie and Mar, who worked tirelessly to create this beautiful cookbook.

Thanks so much for your orders!

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How do I get my prepaid ebook cookbook?

Lillie Fuller

I am so excited! It's beautiful!