Pre-Order "A Caregiving Day" and Save 15%


Pre-Order "A Caregiving Day" and Save 15%

ACaregivingDay_CoverA Caregiving Day, our book of poems, will be available on March 6 in both print and Kindle versions.

You can take advantage of savings when you pre-order the print version before March 6. (You can purchase your print version, below.) And, you can save beginning Friday, Feb. 27, when you purchase our eBook (PDF) before the Kindle version becomes available.

In our book of poems, 15 family caregivers write what about what they experience in their moments. Our poets care for parents, spouses and children. A few share a viewpoint from a place of life after caregiving has ended. We all want to make the most of the moments we have in each day.

A Caregiving Day is a simple, slim book with a powerful purpose. It's our way to help. We'll use the revenue from our book sales to fund our CareGifters program operated through The Center for Family Caregivers, our non-profit organization. As often as we can, we send $500 to help a family caregiver in need. To date, we've helped 16 family caregivers (and we helped two of thees family caregivers--Casandra and Amy--twice) during their darkest days. We helped Kristin buy food and shoes; we helped Janet pay for home care so her husband received the care he needed as she recovered from surgery. BreeAnna used the $500 to build a ramp so her mom has easy access into the house. We helped Teri take a trip with her terminally-ill husband to see their son. With the $500, L'Tanya hired a closet organizer so her mom could enjoy a clutter-free environment. And, Gwyn used the $500 to hire help to care for her mom while she worked.

You can pre-order your book now and save 15%. When you order your book before March 6, you'll pay only $5.92 plus shipping and handling ($5 for US, $9 for Canad). We'll ship your book on March 6 for arrival about two weeks later.

Thanks so much to our members who made this book possible. Pegi (@worriedwife) created our beautiful cover art. Our poets include @parkscoleman @lisarae @lillie @mgriebler @jimbutt @tcbarrett3rd @michelle @lilmagill @pearlady and @shirl. I so appreciate your contributions to our wonderful book!

Our pre-order sale ends on Thursday, March 5. Be sure to check back on Friday, Feb. 27, to purchase the eBook (PDF) at a discount.

Purchase your copy below. Wanna a sneak peak? Check out a preview copy of A Caregiving Day.

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I shared on all my social media sites! I so hope this is a hit for us!!