mothers-day-588088_640My mom loves children.

When I'm with my mom, I will make sure to point out the little kids I see. In the car, I'll point out the little ones in wagons on their way to the park. In restaurants, I'll tell her about the kids sitting behind her so she can turn to smile and coo.

In the hospital, a nurse wearing photos of her children on her ID badge immediately caught my mom's attention on Tuesday. Through the breathing tube, she smiled and reached out to take a closer look.

Yesterday, when I arrived at the hospital, my mom opened her eyes to see me standing over her. She smiled at me with such love. In that moment, I could tell she felt only love, no pain, no discomfort. She loves all children but lovingly cherishes her children.

We so worry about whether we do enough, whether we made decisions that will do enough.

I was reminded yesterday that our presence really and truly is enough. Because we are present, we are enough.

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<a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@denise</a>, thank you for the welcome reminder that such a simple act can be so poignant. You basked in the warm glow of your mother's love and she saw that love reflected in your eyes.


I'm glad you had that moment together, Denise. It is precious to the two of you, and you then share the gems with the rest of us.

Lillie Fuller

What an amazing feeling that must have given you. That true happiness smile, that look of pride and truly unconditional love! It touches my heart thinking how happy you both must have been at that moment. Praying for your parents and their beautiful children and grandchildren. Love and hugs and prayers to all. xoxo